April: Vigvam dev monthly update

2 min readMay 16, 2022

It’s time to share our progress with the community. Please read this article and learn what our team did in April.

As we mentioned before, we worked hard on updating Vigvam interfaces and adding new functionality to the wallet. As far, we finished the following features:

Vigvam Wallets page

In this section, you may see the list of all available wallets displayed as cards and the user’s active wallet. There is a search functionality for quick and easy access to the required account.

Multi-network feature

Our wallet supports the most popular EVM networks and their testnets from the box. Forget about the troubles of finding new RPC URLs for blockchains. Easy add and manage new networks, enjoy native tokens support. Check how balances are displayed in the currency of the selected network.

In-app Profiles

We finished the design and added functionality for one of the most important Vigvam features — In-app Profiles. This feature allows split app usage experience into multiple different sessions and provides more safety for our users! For instance, Vigvam wallet owners may have a personal or work profile. They will always see a unique profile avatar on all Vigvam pages. By seeing this profile avatar, users will always distinguish their real Vigvam from possible fakes.

Assets and NFTs management

Since Vigvam is a full-page first, we could work out in detail the fundamental functionality of any wallet — token management. Enjoy a convenient list display with the ability to search and configure the tokens’ visibility. Get instant access to the information about your tokens: logo, name, symbol, type, price, balance, and recent activity. Check our implementation in the following video:

We plan to integrate more exciting features in May and invite our community members to be beta testers. We plan to choose 1000 members to participate in our testing and earn a special NFT “Vigvam Pro”.

This NFT will allow users to utilize advanced Vigvam features that we are planning to implement. The feature list itself is not yet compiled and may include: multi-signature functionality, portfolio management, token rebalance, etc.

Read more about rules of Beta testing participation in this article.

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