NFT Vigvam Pro — why do you need this NFT, and how to get it for free?

3 min readJul 7, 2022


Are you ready to test the most convenient Web3.0 wallet? Read this article and learn more about NFT Vigvam Pro, its benefits for Vigvam users, and how to get this valuable NFT for free.

What is NFT Vigvam Pro?

A NFT Vigvam Pro will give access to advanced(PRO) mode in extra wallet features: multi-signature functionality, portfolio management, token rebalance, etc.

How to get this NFT?

In the future, but at the moment, you have a unique opportunity to get this NFT for free by participating in our private beta testing.

The full procedure of the Vigvam beta testing described in this article. Participants share their Vigvam usage experience in our Beta Testing Form. One of the questions in the form will be about your Polygon wallet address. If you win NFT Vigvam Pro, we will send it to the address. Be careful and double-check while submitting a form.

How many NFTs will be distributed?

Our team hasn’t decided on the exact number of NFTs that we plan to distribute yet, and everything depends on the number of active beta testing participants. We expect to provide about 1000 NFTs + additional NFTs if there are more active participants who will give helpful feedback about the Vigvam wallet. However, if we observe a low testing activity among users, the total number of NFTs might be reduced. All responses will be manually assessed by the team and sorted by their value to the project. We want to reward only real active users, not bots or drop hunters.

If you use bots or you are a lazy drop hunter

After our first official announcement about testing and potential rewards, we received more than 10K applications for participation. By carefully checking the information, we noticed that most of the contacts belonged to bots. So, we decided to validate participants by their responses on the Beta Testing Form We will not count in answers that have:

  • Empty fields. At least try to write several sentences about our wallet functionality. We will be happy to read your thoughts!
  • Forms that have identical answers. We will look at it as in a person copy-pasts answers from the Telegram/Discord channel without thinking.
  • A user didn’t provide a valid Polygon address.

What other requirements should be considered in the process of participation?

  • We value your thoughts, useful comments about Vigvam, and ideas on how we can develop the wallet further.
  • It’s great if you join our community on Telegram or follow us on Twitter.
  • You ask questions and actively participate in our communities, helping newbies learn about Vigvam.

Active have more chances to get NFT Vigvam Pro for free. This NFT will be distributed after beta testing in our following releases.

We wish you to enjoy testing, and we are waiting for your participation on our channels.