Safe shelter for your crypto: Vigvam Wallet transforms into Wigwam

2 min readOct 19, 2023


Today, we are changing our wallet name from Vigvam to Wigwam!

Why did we decide to do this?

In the early start-up stage, “Vigvam” was quite a convenient name for our team and our small but loyal community. However, time flies, and we are reaching a new development stage. In connection with this, we decided to update our wallet name to be more suitable to a broad audience and easier to remember. Therefore, we are changing the spelling of our wallet name from the Czech “Vigvam” to the more popular English spelling version “Wigwam”. Here is a short explanation of what Wigwam means to us and what we want to translate through our product:


A wigwam historically is a type of dwelling used by Native Americans, known for its sturdy construction and ability to provide shelter and protection from adverse weather conditions. Similarly, our crypto wallet seeks to provide a safe and secure dwelling for crypto assets, protecting them from potential threats and vulnerabilities in the blockchain world.

User-Friendly Atmosphere

The simplicity and functionality of a wigwam as a shelter echo the principles of user-friendly design and ease of access that are desirable in a crypto wallet. Users, especially those new to the crypto space, appreciate a wallet interface that is intuitive, easy to navigate and does not have a steep learning curve.


Our wallet represents a sense of organic growth and natural safeguarding, resonating with the idea of cryptocurrencies as a new, organic form that evolved from traditional finances and cryptography.

A brief summary of our plans

Shortly, we plan to rebrand the wallet and conduct an independent audit. Also, at the same time, we will be adding new UX updates based on your provided feedback to the Wigwam Beta version.

Our team is charged with energy and desire to make a fantastic product. Subscribe to our social networks and stay tuned for updates — we promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Information for beta-testers

Each beta testing participant who passed the validation conditions and left their wallet address in our claim form will receive Wigwam NFT instead of Vigvam NFT. Also, we plan to conduct more promotional activities before the official launch, so follow us to know about them first.