Vigvam — check our roadmap, news about Private Beta, get an NFT Vigvam Pro for free

3 min readMar 24, 2022

Hey! It has been a long time since our last article, and we made huge progress in developing Vigvam. We would be happy to share our achievements with the community. Read this article and learn more about our roadmap, private beta, and NFT rewards.

Short intro

Vigvam is a non-custodial wallet specifically designed for the Web 3 word. It is convenient, accessible for everyone, flexible, and secure. You may use our web extension to work with Ethereum and EVM-based blockchains. Read more about our wallet and our mission in this article.

Important announcement!

In the next two months, we plan to release a Vigvam private beta version. We will choose 1000 members who will participate in our testing and earn a special NFT “Vigvam Pro”.

This NFT will allow users to utilize advanced Vigvam features that we are planning to implement. The feature list itself is not yet compiled and may include: multi-signature functionality, portfolio management, token rebalance, etc.

How to participate:

Take the next step and become a tester right now!

Vigvam development status and our plans

It was an extremely busy time for our team last month. We worked around the clock each day, and completed the following tasks:

Stage 1 Q4 2021

  • Conducted complex research of existing blockchain wallets to choose the best ideas for implementation
  • Created UX prototypes and design for the main wallet page
  • Created environment for the web extension software
  • Created a Vigvam landing page

Stage 2 Q1-Q2 2022

  • UI design for the main wallet sections, more than 200 unique sections, and elements
  • Built an application architecture
  • Developed a wallet core. This wallet part manages all sensitive data
  • Created In-app profiles
  • Added a wallet onboarding
  • Implemented lock/unlock functionality
  • Added multi-network support: Ethereum and other EVM-based networks
  • Created accounts, multiple wallets, and various wallet sources
  • Added functionality: token list, manage token section, token explorer
  • Automatic tokens sync for the main networks
  • Created web extension pop-up that allows for tracking the most important data in a convenient way
  • Integrated basic activity watch bar
  • Added Basic and Network settings to the wallet

What are we planning to do next?

At the moment, we are implementing the following functionality:

  • Balances synchronization
  • Wallet and profile settings
  • Token Receive and Send pages
  • Connect and confirm transaction pop-ups
  • Interaction with dApps. Web 3.0 protocol implementation
  • Ledger Nano support
  • Social Auth support
  • Other minor fixes

Private Beta launch! That we plan to conduct in the next two months.

For Stage 3 and 4 we are planning the following:

Stage 3 Q2

  • Work with users’ feedback and handle feature requests.
  • Full-screen activity explorer: transactions, dapp connections, dapp approvals, etc
  • Implement Advance Web 3.0 experience: support different interaction types and protocol features: add token, add network, rare signing methods, etc
  • Create a Metamask compatible mode
  • NFT section
  • Multi-language wallet support
  • Conduct Marketing activities

Public Beta Launch!

Stage 4 Q3-Q4 2022 — Stabilization and improvement

  • Public Security audit
  • Wallet maintenance and updates
  • Buy tokens with crypto
  • Address book
  • dApps directory
  • In wallet token swaps
  • Analytics — detailed token info
  • Onboarding content and docs

Stable public version Launch!

After a public version launch, we will continue developing our wallet and implementing advanced features that will provide a smooth experience with Web 3 applications for all our users.

Do you want to learn more about our wallet? Feel free to join our telegram community and ask your questions or follow our news on:

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