Vigvam update: new NFTs section, Public Beta, web 3 preferences and much more

5 min readAug 24, 2022


Our first release was around a month ago, so it’s time for new exciting updates that you will definitely like.

First of all, Vigvam is now in the Free Public Beta. Everyone can install and use it unlimitedly. Feel free to share the link to Vigvam with friends :)

During the private beta, we collected a lot of feedback and propositions, for which we are grateful to our early adopters. We are glad to see many Web3 enthusiasts like us moving this industry forward!

Briefly, what we want to share with you today is a new look at the NFT management section, Web3 preferences, watch-only wallets, and much more.

Introducing NFTs in Vigvam

The non-fungible token, also known as the NFT, is one of the hottest topics in the Web3 community. Leading brands experiment with NFTs to engage more audiences and promote their products. Social networks integrate them in different formats. Artists diversify ways to monetize their works via NFT collections and much more.

We present you NFT support in the Vigvam wallet now!

  • Token synchronization from the start

That’s right. You only need to import the wallet if you haven’t conducted that already. Absolutely all tokens will be synchronized: preview picture, content, name, and ID. Everything you need to know about NFT is just here.

  • Instant auto-add function after receiving new NFTs

Your new NFT will immediately be displayed in Vigvam with all the necessary information right after getting into the wallet. Whether it is a regular transfer, an airdrop, or a purchase on the marketplace — your NFT will be visible at once.

  • See the NFT list in the form of a “Masonic grid”

Because we are active blockchain users, we know how it’s a pain in the neck to manage NFTs in the most popular wallets.

One question has always bothered us — why is everything so bad? Why have popular marketplaces implemented beautiful grids and user-friendly interfaces, but crypto wallets still haven’t? NFT’s name or address seems more important than the artwork itself, even if it is a meme.

We have ruined this tradition and implemented this section as a convenient grid, the same as Instagram or Dribble have. Also, we plan to display the NFT lists grouped by collections.

  • Quick search and the ability to add a token

When there are a lot of NFTs on the wallet, finding a specific token becomes harder and harder. Vigvam solves this problem with the search functionality. You can insert a name, id, address, or whatever you want to filter the tokens you own.

In case you couldn’t find an NFT because it was cursed with the “lost” spell, paste the contract address of this NFT into the search line :) The Token ID field will appear next to it. Insert the ID of the desired NFT there. Vigvam will find this NFT on the blockchain and add it to the list.

  • Convenient token preview with any type of content: Image/Video/Audio

Vigvam has an NFT preview, just like a good marketplace has. Picture, video, or audio — watch everything in the best quality (if it has this quality, of course). This functionality is available both in the small extension popup and in the full-screen mode of Vigvam in a separate tab.

  • Transaction history for a specific NFT

Each NFT contains a transaction history where you can view all interactions with the token: receipt, transfer, mint, amount, and date when the transaction was made, even if Vigvam was not your default wallet.

  • NFT transfer

Everything is simple and convenient here — you need to select NFT by the preview or search it by the name. If it is a multi-asset, enter the quantity. After sending a transaction, information about this NFT will be added to the activity and saved in the history.

We tried to make the most convenient token management process in Vigvam because we think our users should have the best experience.

If you have any ideas on improving this section or finding bugs while using Vigvam, please fill out the form, and we will consider how to integrate your concept into Vigvam!

Also with this update, we have added many innovations and improvements:

  • New Web3 configurations

From now you can toggle MetaMask compatibility mode both in the extension popup and in the Web3 tab on the Settings page. You can also manage connected dApps — view them and revoke access.

  • Watch-only accounts

We remind you that we have a watch-only feature for your accounts. For those who still want to test Vigvam and are not ready to set up a full-fledged wallet — you can import the address, and Vigvam will work with it just like with a seed phrase, private key, or ledger (besides signing transactions, of course). We have expanded the functionality. It is possible to connect a watch-only wallet to dApps from now.

How to update Vigvam to a newer version you can read here.

We move on, and our following steps are:

  • external security audit;
  • token swaps with the best rates right inside Vigvam;
  • accessible gallery of decentralized applications (Apps tab);
  • and much more.

Stay tuned, and we’ll make Web3 explorer as easy as ever. Follow our updates on Twitter and Telegram.